City of blinding lights

Rummaging through the debris of my thoughts and memories. Some memories jump out vibrantly like a spark of fire, igniting my heart. Some, dying embers, I want to tuck away, away from the world. It’s a lonely heart, craving the soothing warmth of love.
Everyone is alone in this strange city. This city of blinding lights. No one sees your tears. No one hears your laughter. No one hears you scream. No one holds your hand. No one holds you.
And each day you wake up to a promise of finding what you are looking for. Each night you go back to your empty apartment with a bleak, but still beating heart. The constant hum of the city slowly puts you to sleep, the lights still shining in your eyes showing you distant dreams that burn bright.
Such is the addiction of this city, this life, this fight… won’t let you stop.
Each day, you add to your debris of memories, unable to tell them apart anymore….the good…the bad…
You are here. You are now. You are a survivor.
Tomorrow may come. It may not. But you have battles to face.
It’s difficult to have a mind without fear.
But your heart is a reckless creature. Bruised. Hurt. Fearless. Craving love. With a mind of its own!
And I wait……each day….everyday…coz I still haven't found what i'm looking for....

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