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10th December 2008 - That fateful day

I earn myself a Re-jury.
First one in my 4 years of college.
Quite strange.

11 a.m- Fashion and Apparel department.

"I didn't expect this from you! And you are one of the good students in class!"
"What happened to you?!?!"
"I'm sure this was a class decision!How come so many of you haven't finished your work!"
"Ma'am it was no class decision! I don't work according to other people's terms!"
"So that means you are the ring leader!!"
"What!?!??! No!! There IS no 'ring leader'!"
"Then you must be the follower! I'm sure there are people who are making you jump through hoops! You have incomplete work, we can't allow you to present yourself in front of the jury members!"
"Ma'am I have quality material, I assure you..."
"Alright. Will you atleast tell me when will the Re-jury be scheduled?"
"Re-jury?? *chuckles* You need to appear for a jury and fail in that, only then will you qualify for a re-jury! If you haven't appeared for a jury, you will have to consider a semester drop!"


Unhuh.OK. So no jury.

8 p.m-Home

Mom's reaction.

"If they wouldn't let you appear for the jury, you should've come home and slept na! What were you doing there till now!? You haven't slept properly for days! And did you eat??? Go have dinner and go to bed."


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Nepharius said...

C'est la vie. :)

taurius1 said...

Your awesome new template's distracted me so much, I couldn't read the post!


Hyperactive maniac said...

thunkks! you like??

Anurag said...

Such is the nift life eh?

btw stunning template

*looks on bewildered*

Redeff said...

PHUNKY. They actually do that?

Shrav said...

Mom's reaction was super cool:):) It's super fun to have such a mum!:)

Mystique said...

suh-weet template!!! where'd you get????
anyway. what's a jury? like an exam?

pam said...
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Hyperactive maniac said...

@ anurag
yuzz...such is nift life indeed!

@ redeff
well yes...they actually do that!
not quite funky..... :P

@ shrav
oh mum IS supercool man!
she surprised me with that reaction actually!!!

@ mystique
thhanks! I love the template too! :D
and a jury is like a presentation for us, where we display our work in front of a panel of judges, so that they can screw our cases!
its equivalent to an exam

Vaudevillian said...

lucky you, it happens only in India

Hyperactive maniac said...

@ vaudevillian
bribe with what?!?!
meri haisiyat hi nahi hai, bribe karne ki :P

masoom said...

google's earned you popularity...congrats on your first 12th comment..hehe:)

Hyperactive maniac said...

you are back!! :D :D :D
and you my love just added a the cherry on top by dropping in!


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