Chalo delhi !!

Kullad waali chai,
Style hi-fi!
Delhi haath
Karol bag ka chaat
Yaaron da tashan
Street fashion
Delhi ki pehchaan,
Metro ki shaan.
Sexy Boot's galore.
Shopping some more.
Connaught place.
Metro subways.
Central park.
Flea market sharks.
Nehru place.
Fabrics and lace.
In a perfect maze.
Vapor clouds.
Hot girl’s pouts.
Marching soldiers.
Military bunkers.
Digital meters.
Foggy mornings.
Lovely dawning’s.
India gate.
Republic day parade.
Big chill’s café.
CCD’s passé!
Sinful mud pies.
Excited cries!
Super hot guys!
Chorus ‘aye haye!’
Exchanging high-fives!
Leather jackets.
Warm and comfy blankets.
Cold feet.
Chattering teeth.
Hot steaming baths.
Dilli waalon ka thaath.
Lemon tea.
Parantha and ghee.
Khasta kachori.
Bhalle papdi.
Rikshaw pullers.
Bhangda lovers.
Funky chinks.
Expensive drinks.
Blue blooded punters.
Style hunters.
Fur coats.
Misty roads.
Export rejects.
‘Cheerleader’ effect!
Public loos.
Converse shoes.
Woolen socks.
Curly locks.
Swearing ‘By god!’
Warm hugs.
Colourful rugs.
‘Masakalli…matak kalli.. …’
Humaari Rajdhani
Oye Chalo delhi :)

12 quacks:

Joel said...

welcome back to mumbai .. :D

>:D< >:D<

good to know that u really enjoyed .. :)

Anindita said...

Never thought I would hear rave about Delhi from you.. but it sure sounds good.. :)

Next time, I'll go with you! :)

PS: Only for the guys. ;)

Hyperactive maniac said...

I was quite surprised myself, for liking delhi :)
I did enjoy!
If only I could steal that weather!

p.s:- I'm still very much in love with aamchi Mumbai!

taurius1 said...

Wow. You certainly had more fun than when I was there. But then again, i doubt you were stuck outside a seedy hotel in karol baug at 10.30 pm wearing tiny shorts and drunks truckers eyeing you as you paced outside the hotel with two bags of booze coz the professors were having a meeting in the lobby about what to do about the toilet without the roof on the top floor room.
Actually, on second thought, I think I still had one fun than you did! :P

taurius1 said...

One spells more, actually.

Mystique said...

yes that's delhi alright....
but mumbai rocks ass.

Anurag said...

Waoh ....U wrote ....


btw u forgot one thing ..."Chinese" Mobile Phones...They are like all over the place ...It seemed everybody had it when I was thr 6 months back ....

masoom said...

when the hell did you go to delhi?

Hyperactive maniac said...

21st to 25th
college work and some leisure :)

Scribblers Inc said...


Scribblers Inc.

Hyperactive maniac said...

haha! yes!! and totally enjoyed it!

masoom said...

thanks for telling me.:(


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