Working class professionals.

There are many things you experience and eventually realize when you start working….when you step into the ‘real world’.
You will meet people who will have an exasperating knack of annoying the crap out of you.

You will meet more people who will have an incredible ability to be daft!

You will definitely meet people who will have this burning need to be rude to anyone and everyone they lay their eyes on.

You will meet those typical villager housewives who LOVE talking about their husbands 24/7 to anyone who is ready to listen!!

And then you will most certainly meet that usually loathed and popularly detested breed of ‘boss’s chamchas’ a.k.a ‘boss’s ass kissers’(I dislike them so much, even saying it makes me hiss! :P)


Well, I’ve got to admit…it amuses me to an extent of self entertainment when I have nothing productive to do.

‘Where are you from?’ , Is a question that I have had to answer here a zillion times. I don’t mind.
I’m used to being called a Bengali or an Assami . But, South Indian was new. So was Marwari.
One girl had never even heard of a place called Orissa. She didn’t even know that it is a state in the east if India. Wow. Ok. And here I thought I was bad at geography! (fyi, I’m from Orissa.)

Someone once told me that I could get away with almost anything because of my smile. I did not believe that until now.
I’ve noticed that a warm smile goes a long way. It also gets a lot of work done! So I make sure I dazzle people with my sweetest, warmest smile! ;) Oh well!

The design room is situated in a loft ! yes….loft…a tiny, dingy little loft that boasts of two split a/c’s and 14 tables, 14 ‘airplane ’cabinets,1 centre table and an ultra low ceiling! Haa! Finally one benefit of being short! ;)

My taste buds for tea have re-adjusted itself to the office tea. First few days were weird. Now I make sure I don’t miss my daily cup of tea.

These days I get these random cravings for steaming hot samosas and vada pavs.
I also get random sleep attacks in the middle of a work day.
I think it’s the season !
Or maybe coz I'm working so goddamn hard! ;)

Just looking out of the tiny excuse of a window in the loft, watching water trickling down its sills, makes me dream of my cozy bedroom, curled up in a blanket, cuddled up with him. :)

One missed call from my boss is enough to make me snap out of it.

I have finally surrendered to the kurla route.
Kurla. I hate kurla. Period.
But I change trains from there every single day. Twice!
Makes me wish for teleportation so bad!!

I’m still waiting for my very first pay check.
I know shopping will make me feel a LOT better!


I'm a Working class professional.

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Scribblers Inc said...

you are a working class "hero".

It really is a great thing to put the entire metamorphosis of your life into a blog...you would know that I have been reading it for a while now, so the whole process has unfolded right in front of my eyes...I wish you the best for your career, the best of shopping stuff with your first paycheck and loads of luck...

high five!! :)

Scribblers Inc.

Hyperactive maniac said...

*returns the high five* :)
i was starting to think i had lost your readership !
btw, paycheck has arrived!
shopping scheduled for tomorrow!

Anindita said...

Aaaahhh! It never ends..

And Kurla.

*takes a bow*

You are one brave girl.. Very very brave! :)

El Furibundo said...

Oh I also encounter people in office who speak only their mother tongue. Try English, Hindi, and they will look at you like "You have an especially entertaining face, never mind all those noises issuing out of it!"

I hated the coffee in office, but now they have installed a spanking new automatic filter-coffee machine!! I am quite excited about it too!

Hyperactive maniac said...

lucky you!
i have to make do with tea with generous proportions of milk and sugar!
oh well.

Mystique said...

From kurla to where?

Ech, I take trains from Dadar. grr. Central + western = Always crowded.

Hyperactive maniac said...

@ mystique
kurla to currey road!
which means i cross dadar everyday...
oh man!
i travel on harbor and central lines!


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