Tricky love.

First loves are always tricky.
It’s a lot of firsts.
First jealousy pangs, first compliment, first ‘aww-moment’, first time you say ‘I love you’ to a boy, first kiss.
And then the fights, the misunderstandings, the tears and finally, the first heart-shattering break up.
The tricky part is moving on.
After that is done, are you ready to do it all over again?
Maybe not. What changes?

You see, Wisdom is the opposite of love, and love survives within us precisely coz it isn't wise. It’s like being in this love boat….where slowly the boat gets so overcrowded with love and stupidity and emotions, that to keep it afloat, you start throwing out your pride, your self respect, your logical reasoning...and when there is nothing else to be thrown out, the boat starts sinking...taking you down with's inevitable.
So you get smart and you try your best to not fall in love again.
It’s sort of a Defense mechanism. You just don’t put yourself in a position where the other person can hurt you, before he/ she hurts you. It works just fine.
Does that make you cold hearted? Being wary of love? Or does that make you a cynic?
Being cautious is not a bad thing right? That does not make me a closed book….or does it?

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Scribblers Inc said...

How is it possible to chance upon this thing after less than 15 minutes of a break up?alls fated I guess...sigh...

Scribblers Inc.

Hyperactive maniac said...

my sympathies to you...

masoom said...

is there a more positive follow up post coming up regarding what happens next in your supposedly tragic story?
C'mon tell your heartbroken readers about it!it'll cheer them up.

Hyperactive maniac said...

this post was sort of out of the blue...
and yes there was a VERY positive and VERY cheerful post after this regarding 'you know who' :D :D :D
i had to delete it for certain privacy reasons! :P
will tell ya when we meet !

... said...

I really love this post and appreciate your thinking!


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