The dark side of the moon....

Just checked my blog. Last entry April 19 2010.


I had just quit my job. It was good place. I had a great salary. I had met some great people there. I had some memorable times there! But it was all gone. I was still living with my parents. I was broke. I was jobless. The promise of a great career and moving out of my house and living an independent life were slowly fading away.


And then my life changed. One project. One movie. And everything was different. I landed myself a big break as a costume designer. I made some great first impressions and some lasting bad ones. I made some huge mistakes. I made some selfish decisions. I hurt some egos. I hurt someone else’s feelings. I hit rock bottom and I rose again. I learnt the biggest lessons of my life.
It’s so strange sometimes how life takes you through these crazy roller-coaster rides. How it decides to teach you some things the hard way. Its funny how, when you just begin to get used to a certain kind of reality, life decides to show you the bigger picture. It’s like you were staring at the world through a periscope and suddenly you are given stereoscopic vision! Now staring at staggering reality!
Now that I look back I realize how incredibly stupid I was to believe and trust certain people. How unbelievably naive I was to make some decisions. Bad decisions. I saw how quickly people change .How easy it is for someone to screw you over. I saw the flipside to everything. I saw the dark side of the moon. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Or stranger?? Heh! I wouldn’t know yet. I’m still trying to get my act together. God help me.

And then comes the obvious bit. Moving on. Easier said than done.
But sometimes, all it takes is someone else’s faith in you, when you have none.
A stranger’s faith ……in you.
Such is life……

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Scribblers Inc said...

I have fayth in yu. So wut if kent speel?

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.- You are one case study thats definitely goin down in my personal books; much respect and wishes.

Hyperactive maniac said...

oooooo! sounds fancy! can i read?!

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